About Blupp Company

We are a technology company with the team size of 2 and enough skillset to make a team of 20 feel shy.

We love to code and consider talking a wastage of time. We avoid too many calls and focus on dealing with async work. We work over Linear, Slack and Emails.

We have opensourced our majority work and are open to criticism. We take the codebase private once we onboard the client.


  • Currently the internet is filled with bloated technologies like Wordpress making the user experience slow.
  • So much of internet bandwidth is wasted on unoptimised codebase, images and assets.
  • Companies invest heavily on design and development to get the first version live but second or third versions never go live, due to costing.
  • Maintaining plugins and servers become a hassle.
  • The core team developers do not care much about the existing stack. They don't wish to get into updating wordpress versions or NextJS packages as well. They focus on new work.
  • When your job is to make money, not focus on your website.


  • We manage everything for you. Everything from codebase, servers, CDNs and your content.
  • If you wish to own the codebase and have extra control, you just have to pay extra.
  • We choose the technology stack and keep it updated on a weekly basis.
  • We only deliver in performance and speed.


  • Website.
  • Dynamic website. (we do not recommend it most cases due to reasons above. If you still want it, we fully support you.)
  • Backend APIs - Server and serverless.
  • Blogs - Majorly depends on the frequency of posting. In most cases, you wish to have it but this lasts only for a few weeks. We do not recommend it due to reasons above. If you still want it, we fully support you. Sanity is a good choice.


  • We work on a monthly retainer and charge as per the requirement, but it's a promise that it's much cheaper from the market. We would normally allow 3 changes per month which are not design changes or major structural changes and post that, it becomes ₹/3 changes. You email us the request and we get to work ASAP.
  • We might charge one time development cost and usually deliver the website in a week's time. The supposition is the design is finalised and there's no to and fro.
  • If we get on a call, we charge for the call.

What we don't do

  • Design.
  • Wordpress.
  • SEO.
  • Chat on WhatsApp. We believe in emails.
  • Work over weekends. Weekends are kept for internal company work.
  • Deploy on Fridays. We deploy to production on Thursdays and take the Friday light (If everything is okay).

Want to check our capability?

Don't ask us to prove anything. Throw a problem at us and surprise yourself with our approach. We might ask for an upfront charge, if you plan to test us. If we go ahead, the upfront gets settled.


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